Shade For Humanity Muriel

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The liquid has diverse colors for ...

The liquid has diverse colors for all shades of skin. Women of color are  widely underserved, so find you perfect mineral shade here. The liquid is pharmaceutical grade  skin care that doubles as makeup. You can sleep in this healing formulation of hyaluronic acid  (attracts and binds water to the skin) and licorice root ( used to combat hyper pigmentation and  helps heal acne). The mineral foundation helps it stay even when living an active life.  Depending on the climate, use a hydrating serum beneath the foundation or a good moisturizer.  It’s an all natural product so expect sheer coverage. You can create heavier coverage by adding  the crushed, loose minerals. Good for all skin types. All natural and cruelty free


Aileen: Fair and neutral

Klaire: Fair and neutral
Adelena: The shade that works for those who have never been able to wear foundation because  nothing matches. This wild card liquid will work for rose gold and difficult to match skin. It’s a  miracle for those who don’t ever feel like their color match is quite right.

Patricia: Medium and neutral

Linde: Dark medium and yellow

Amber: Dark medium and pink

Sofia: Tan and neutral

Jennifer: Deep and neutral

Liliana: Deep and yellow

Victoria: Dark and neutral

Beatrice: Dark with red

Rosa: Deepest shade. For African skin tones.

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